A downloadable game for Windows

you play as pep-face as you traverse through his slowly deteriorating mind in the fight for insanity.

also the online spectating feature isn't finished yet so don't expect it to work


same gameplay controls as original

arrow keys to move, click on pepface to change face

level editor:

left click to place object

scroll wheel to change object

right click to destroy object

shift + right click to change tiles/rotate walls

platformer mode, level editor:

left key to move left

right key to move right

up key to jump

if you get stuck in the floor then jump

block descriptions:

Spawn: player spawn

Wall [X] (XX): doesn't do anything special it's just a wall

Win: win block from main game

Hurt: cactus from main game, if you get hit 5 times you will die

Noise-Block [X-X]: block that moves up and down/left and right

Platformer Block [Turn XX]: turns on/off platformer mode, see above for platformer mode controls

Wave Block: makes the player wavy (only in main mode)

Un-Wave Block: makes the player not wavy (only in main mode)

Install instructions

Open the game to play it

Requires DirectX


Windows 27 MB
Level Editor 5 MB

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